Other Services Offered by NCNDT

Calibration of NDT Equipment

The calibration of following NDT equipment is being done according to the requirements of different codes and standards; ultrasonic flaw detectors, thickness meters, electromagnetic yokes, radiographic film viewers, densitometers, pressure gauges and eddy current testing instruments.

Ferromagnetic Steel Wire Rope Testing

NCNDT has established a facility for the testing of ferromagnetic steel wire ropes. By scanning the whole wire rope non-destructively with portable equipment, the system is able to detect flaws and changes in metallic cross sectional areas in rope. This technique is capable of detecting the presence and location of broken wires, corrosion pits & metal loss and can be used for the inspection of hoisting ropes, cranes, cable cars, etc. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standard, USA necessitates testing of ropes once a year.

Ferromagnetic steel wire rope tester in operation

Non- destructive Testing of Concrete

NCNDT has established a facility for the non-destructive testing of concrete structures. This facility is capable of following jobs:

  1. Testing of concrete structures for uniformity and compressive strength.
  2. Determination of defects in concrete (voids, cracks, etc.).
  3. Testing of concrete structures for changes in properties with time.
  4. Ultrasonic testing of concrete structures.
  5. Determination of location of steel bars in concrete structures.
Testing for steel bars location in a concrete column
The concrete testing facility is equipped with Schmidt hammer, PUNDIT ultrasonic tester, rebar locator, fresh concrete tester, impact echo test system, radioisotope gauge and penetration resistance tester.
NCNDT is also in the process of enhancing concrete testing facility with the cooperation of Planning Commission of Pakistan.

Advanced NDT Techniques

NCNDT is in the process of up-gradation of its facilities in order to gradually achieve self reliance in the pre-service and in-service inspections of Class 1, 2 & 3 welds in pipes and components of Power Plants and National Industrial Units.

OmniScan for TOFD with Motorized WeldROVER Scanner
For provision of state-of-the-art services, NCNDT has set-up facilities for Digital Industrial Radiography (DIR), Thermography, Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Phased Array and developed a Digital Fluoroscope. Computed Tomography facility is also being set-up at NCNDT.

X-Ray Film Digitizer and Computed Radiography System