To obtain reliable and reproducible results with the NDT techniques, well-trained, highly proficient and properly qualified personnel are required. To fulfill this requirement NDT personnel worldwide are trained and certified as Level-1, Level-2 and Level-3 in each of the NDT techniques. The training and certification in most of the countries of the world are carried out according to the ISO Standard 9712. Based on the minimum requirements of ISO 9712, NCNDT’s developed program titled “Scheme for Certification of NDT Personnel” is the basis of certification.

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Training of NDT Personnel

As per requirements of ISO 9712, an NDT person has to attend a properly organized training in a particular NDT technique before taking a certification examination in that technique. This training should cover the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the technique. The syllabi of the courses meet the minimum requirements of ISO 9712.

NCNDT has qualified and experienced faculty and well equipped laboratories to conduct training courses in different NDT techniques. Level-1, Level-2 and highest Level-3 courses are offered in Radiographic testing (RT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic particle testing (MT), Liquid Penetrant testing (PT), Eddy current testing (ET), Visual testing (VT) and Leak testing (LT). The minimum qualification and experience requirement for these courses is available at NCNDT website.

Group photograph of an NDT course

The Centre has also designed some non-certification courses for those persons who want to enhance their NDT know-how. These courses are:

  1. NDT Appreciation Course for Managers
  2. NDT and Fracture Mechanics
  3. Interpretation and Evaluation of Radiographs
  4. Digital Industrial Radiography
  5. Evaluation of UT Results
  6. NDT for Boiler Inspection
  7. NDT for Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC).
  8. NDT of Concrete Structures
  9. Ferromagnetic Steel Wire Rope Testing
  10. Weld Inspection Using Digital Flaw Detector
  11. Ultrasonic Defect Detection With Digital Equipment
  12. Signal Analysis Course for ET, RFT and MFL
  13. Phased Array & TOFD Techniques

Apart from the regular courses NCNDT also arranges special courses as per specific requirements of the local industries.

Certification of NDT Personnel

NCNDT offers certification examinations in RT, UT, PT, MT, ET, VT and LT. A successful candidate is awarded a certificate, which is valid for five years.

Certificate distribution ceremony of course on NDT of Boilers

International Courses

NCNDT also holds special courses in collaboration with international organizations. Such courses held at NCNDT were Level-2 VT, Level-2 UT, Level-2 ET, Review and Model Level-3 Examination in Surface Methods (PT, MT) and in Eddy Current testing (ET). A course on NDT was also arranged at NCNDT for participants from the member states of the Organization of Islamic Countries. Special courses can also be arranged to address the specific needs of the regional countries. NCNDT experts also conducted regional training courses abroad in Jordon, Lebnon, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Delegation from Sri Lanka visiting NCNDT

Training Material

The training material developed by NCNDT for use of NDT personnel in the Asia and Pacific Region include: Industrial Radiography-Training Course; Non-destructive Testing: A Guidebook for Industrial Management and Quality Control Personnel-Training Course; Ultrasonic Testing of Material at Level 2-Training Course; Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing at Level-2-Training Course.
In addition NCNDT has also developed training manuals for RT, UT, MT, PT, VT, ET & LT for various levels and for non-certification courses.